Business Membership Information


“The Neighbors Club concept really seems like an excellent partnership between the residents and the businesses.”

Barrett Anding
Co-Owner, The Bistro@Beachview

Sanibel Neighbors Club is a great way to reach island residents.  We have memberships available for businesses and artists / craftsmen.  There are three ways to move forward:

1.  Contact Brian Johnson – 239-910-3099

2.  Use the Contact form to get connected or ask questions

3.  Complete the form below

Business Name (required)

Your First Name (required)

Your Last Name (required)

Your Email (required)

Your Phone (required)

Business Website (if available)

Upload a picture for your Business Member Page

Upload a company logo for your Business Member Page

Please provide a 4-5 Sentence overview of your business (required)

Please provide the on-going discount / benefit that you'd like to offer to encourage Sanibel Neighbors Club members to visit your business. Examples: Free glass of wine with entree purchase, 15% off of entire purchase, Priority Registration, etc.

Please provide information on how a customer can contact you. ie: Phone, email, physical address, etc

Please select a PURL (Personalized URL) for your Business Member Page on our website. Availability might be limited. ex: www.SanibelNeighborsClub/your-business-name-here

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