The Sanibel Neighbors Club was formed to give Sanibel residents and those who work on the island the chance to be rewarded for their loyalty by local businesses.

Our goal is to support local businesses while providing great benefits to those of us who live and work here. The Sanibel Neighbors Club also supports local non-profits and service organizations by donating a portion of new membership fees. (10% of Membership Dues go equally to CROW, Ding Darling, FISH and SCCF.)  We believe that our community is only as strong as our ability to support each other.

Thus our motto: Live local, give local, buy local!

Membership is just $15/year and is open to all Sanibel residents.  Your membership will provide you access to ongoing benefits, including discounts, special coupons and distinctive offers selected by our business members with you in mind.

We will also offer weekly specials and monthly Member Rallies. The more you use your membership card, the greater the return on your investment!

There are Two Ways to Join
1. In-person go to the Sanibel Island Bookshop at 1571 Periwinkle Way.
2. On-line with credit card click below.

Join as an Artist, Craftsman, or Business: CLICK HERE!